Friday, 28 April 2017

7 Signs You're Addicted to Reading

Welcome! Today, I thought I'd do a more fun, creative post. I'm a little rusty but I'm going to give it a shot! Here are seven signs that show you mighhtttt be addicted to reading.

1. You prefer reading over human interaction.

Sometimes those pesky humans just get on your every nerve and you have no choice but to retreat into a book. The small talk and personal questions just don't live up to your capabilities. Your standards include slaying dragons, saving the world, etc. Therefore, you must read to nurture your active imagination. It's self preservation, really.

2. You take a book with you everywhere you go.

There is no way you're gonna miss the perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading. Also, if you're sporting a hardcover, it doubles as a great method of self-defence.

3. You treat your books more like children and less like inanimate objects.

Kids are much more whiny then books anyway. And books don't complain. I mean, you practically raised your book. Who is the one who adopted it from the big, loud, unpredictable bookstore? You that's who. It's now your responsibility to read it and nurture it so it can grow into a glorious tome. Also, books love it when you dress them up all pretty for Instagram pictures.

4. Everywhere you go, all you can think about is the book you're reading.

Thoughts of the world you're reading about constantly consume every waking minute of your life from the time you pick it up, to way long after you put it down. Plotting theories for what can happen next is your new hobby, real people don't even matter anymore. What even is Earth? How can you live a normal life without knowing what happens after Chapter 55???

5. You confuse memories with what happened to a character in a book.

Okay, this one might just be me because I might be a tad crazy when it comes to books. That great trip you went on with your friends the summer after your senior year? Didn't happen. You just read about it. Talk about Freaky Friday. That favourite childhood memory you have? Nope. Not yours. You were so invested in your book when you read it, you became the character and are now completely immersed in their life. Being a booknerd is dangerous business.

6. No one understands your references to your favourite book and characters.

After spending hours coming up with amazing jokes and references that relate to your favourite book series, the perfect opportunity arises in a conversation your having with someone so you decide to use it only to be faced with... (gasp!) blank stares. No one understands that awesome reference. You're left having to explain what you meant and how it's funny and them bam! Opportunity missed; the joke has flat lined.

7. You are severely sleep deprived.

Just one more chapter! Just let me get to the end of this page! One more paragraph! Please, we've all been there.
Image result for tired gif

Well, I hope you found this post some-what funny and enjoyable. It was definitely fun to make and I definitely want to make more comedic posts in the future if I have any more inspiration. How many of these did you relate to?

Thanks for reading!

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