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My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Published: Dial Books, June 14th, 2012
Pages: 394
Source: Purchased, hardcover
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 4.75/5 (95%)

How I Felt: This was the perfect contemporary book. Full of the cute moments, but also had a lot of seriousness in it. This book is told from the perspective of Samantha, who is the daughter of the town Senator, so she's always had to go to her mom's campaigns and events. She's always listened to whatever her mother says and tries to be the good child to make up for her rebellious sister. Sam, her mom, and sister live next to a family called the Garretts. Her mom never liked there family and held every little thing against them; like how irresponsible it is to have eight children. Then one day Sam meets Jase, and her opinion on the Garretts changes completely. If you like contemporary books with more meaning in them, but still with the cuteness, this is the book for you. It keeps a nice steady pace throughout the story, the only thing I didn't like was how the book ended, it definitely needed like three more chapters for me to be completely satisfied. I highly recommend this book.

***Spoilers Beyond this Point***

This book was just so cute! I loved Sam and Jase, they balanced each other out and brought out the best in one another. Now I don't know about you but I didn't like Nan from the very beginning, she was so stuck up and constantly worrying about what everyone else had that she didn't and then took it out on Sam. And she definitely crossed a huge line when she started ignoring Sam, that really got me mad. In the beginning annoyed me because it was so sad to see him sitting at home wasting away all day but by the end, I was in love with his character, one of the best character developments I've ever read about. Sam also had great character development throughout the book, she went from this quiet, pliant girl, to one who stands up for herself and knows what she wants. I think Jase's little brother George was the cutest character ever! He was so funny and just amusing to read about. The Garretts are one of my favourite fictional families, they're so tight-knit and supportive of each other. Jase is probably one of the best love interests I've read about, he was so nice and supportive towards Sam. Mr. & Mrs. Garrett were such amazing parents, and it's beautiful to see that their love can stand the test of time because that's not something you see a lot of these days, or something that's written about often.

Favourite Quotes:
  • “Maybe if I can just sleep for a hundred years, I'll wake up in a better story.”
  • “You have to kiss me," I find myself saying. "Yeah." He leans closer. "I do.”
  • “Who are these people, and why do they think their own opinions are the only right ones?”
  • “I like eggs and bacon," George tells me. "But" - his face clouds - "do you know that bacon is" - tears leap to his eyes - "Wilbur?”
  • “I cannot help but wonder if any parents ever actually schedule in adolescent drama on their day planners. Looks like a slow week, Sarah. I guess I can pencil in your eating disorder.”
*Quotes taken from My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick and*

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