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Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: Entangled Teen, August 5th, 2014
Pages: 534
Source: Purchased, paperback
Genre: Sci-fi, Magical Realism
Rating: 5/5

How I Felt: This was the perfect conclusion to the fantastic Lux series. I picked up the first book in early July 2014 and since then it has quickly become one of my favourite series of all time. Jennifer has such a comical and fun writing style that is just so easy to read.


This series is incredibly relatable to many book-lovers/bloggers because our main, character Katy is one herself. But on the flip side she's also a mutated alien hybrid, how's that for a plot twist! This final book perfectly wrapped up the series in a way that isn't too devastating for readers. We start off the book right where Origin left off, after Dee, Daemon, and Dawson run off into the wood to unite with other fellow Luxen that have come down to Earth. Of course something happens and Katy ends up in the lions den which also happens to be where Daemon is, with these other Luxen. When Katy first comes in to Luxen's Earthen headquarters she's taken into a room with Rolland (head Luxen), Daemon, Sadi (a really annoying girl who works with Rolland), two other aliens; Quincey, and a guy who's never named. Daemon starts being incredibly mean to Kat at this point, while at the same time flirting with Sadi, and I'm just sitting in the sidelines trying to hold in my all consuming rage towards him. But later we switch to his P.O.V and we understand that he's doing it to protect Kat because the Luxen can get into each other's heads. For this reason the beginning of the book (60 or so pages) took me a while to get through because I didn't want to see my two favourite characters act like this. But after a while I started to get back into the story and really enjoy it. This book was so unbelievably action-packed and I LOVED it! Kat was so strong and brave in this book, and I really admired how she kept it together and dominated every situation. When we found out that Dee was brainwashed by the aliens I really started to worry that we were going to lose her because her character was so wishy-washy in the other books, but I was so thankful we got her back, and in such an action-packed way that was incredibly entertaining to read about! Luc was such a mysterious character from when we first met him, but in this book I grew great respect for him and how he always came through for the characters, and acted like a great friend, even though he refused to be called such. The amount of suspense built up in this book was incredible and led to one of the best climaxes ever! When Kat, Daemon, Hunter, and Archer went to the underground Arum capital, I found Lortho super creepy (as would anyone else reading the story), and I really thought he was going to feed off of Katy and I was surprised and confused when he didn't, but I kind of understood why he did it. The battle scene when the Arum came to the aid of our main posse was so epic! The characters in this series are so amazing I have a really hard time choosing a favourite, I just love them all so much! The epilogue had to be the best epilogue ever since Clockwork Princess! Daemon and Katy are getting married! And having a real wedding with everything included! Dawson and Beth had their baby; the first Origin to be a girl and named her Ashley, after Ash because she died trying to save Beth. Dee and Archer are finally together, and they're just so cute! And the world is finally going back to being somewhat normal. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I can't believe the Lux series is over. I had such a blast reading this book and I really hope we get to see their wedding because Jennifer already wrote a short story on her blog that takes place a few years after the Opposition epilogue saying that Katy and Daemon are having a baby boy and naming him Adam!

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