Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Rating System

I thought I'd make a post about my rating system and how I rate books. This goes along with my review policy that you can check out by clicking here.

First I do want to point out that I rate books differently according to genre. For example, I will generally judge a fantasy book differently than a contemporary one. This is because I have different standards and factors I look for in each genre (i.e. world building). The same goes for series and standalones. I will judge and rate them differently because things like world building or character development are much more crucial in a standalone novel because there isn't as much room to expand. With all this in mind, here's my rating system!

Every book I read gets a rating out of 5 stars. The meaning of each rating is as follows:

5/5: Loved this book! I recommend it to everyone! Go tell your friends! Alert the presses! Serious fangirling going on, clear the area! Not necessarily a perfect book, but such good characters/world etc. I'm willing to overlook minor issues!

4/5: A really great read! Really enjoyed it! Still really recommend it! The book was great, but I had a few issues here and there. Full of potential, but a few ideas or plot points fell flat. Still definitely worth the read and I still recommend it! I've rated a lot of my favourite books of all time 4/5 stars.

3/5: An okay book. Enjoyable, but not the best book ever. Books that had a great concept, but not all aspects of it pulled through. A book in which nothing really surprised me and the plot kind of flat-lined.

2/5: Didn't like this book. Not really enjoyable. Had a few redeeming qualities that allowed me to push through it. A lot of annoying things happened to either tick me off or bore me. Don't really recommend. In special cases, book is recommended to lovers of specific qualities or genres.

1/5: Horrible book. I absolutely detested it. Never recommend to anyone ever. Don't go near this book with a 10 foot pole. Never speak the name of this book in my presence. Something obviously went wrong in this book if I gave it 1 star because I'm usually very generous and give most books I don't like a 2.

I hope this clears a few things up when you read my reviews! Like I mentioned, this system is subject to differ when jumping from genre to genre, but this is the main format. Is your rating system similar?

Thanks for reading!

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